body love 


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Do you desire to love your body more?

To understand it, hear it and meet your needs?

Perhaps you feel your body isn't 'playing ball'?

A multitude of little twinges, aches and pains (or big ones), not enough energy, and a sensation that you have to force your body to function some days.

And your big emotions, perhaps they are often getting squashed down, put on the to-do list to deal with later. 

Too many of us dislike our bodies and aspects of ourselves and allow our inner critic to run the majority of our thoughts, feelings and actions.


It is time.

Join qualified mental health worker and body love babe Elysia Anketell

for a one-day event delving into


We will cover:
- Learning to hear your body, and understand your body's language.
- Identifying your needs and becoming the CEO of yours.
- A simple framework for how to best deal with our big emotions, and big life situations.

The day will also include:
- Soft, nurturing and relaxing practices for self love and body love (including lush self foot massages with Elysia's home-made BODY LOVE BUTTER). 
- Sisterhood, sharing, being heard and seen.
- Morning and afternoon tea snacks.

Each woman will also receive a take-home gift of Elysia's special herbal blend of SELF LOVE TEA.

A packed lunch
Water bottle
Cushion & Blanket 
Small towel or handtowel
A journal and pen

** This event will be capped at a maximum number of 25 women


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